The FENELEC trade fairs (Elec expo, EneR Event, Tronica Expo) are now a regional hub promoting sector, transfer of know-how, North-South link and anchoring of the South partnership policy -South initiated by His Majesty the King Mohammed VI that God the Glorifies.

The High Patronage of which the 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 editions were honored is a pledge of confidence that propels them to the rank of major international fairs.

Our Trade Shows also enjoy the aegis of four Ministries and the accompaniment of Morocco Export, OFEC, ONEE, MASEN, OFPPT and IRESEN.

Over the past seven years, FENELEC has been carrying out structuring activities in various areas, including training, standardization, regulation, improving the business climate and international development.


The sector of the electrical industry occupies an important place in the Moroccan industry, given its involvement with different economic sectors.

The electricity sector presents real prospects for development, favored in particular by:

  • Social housing programs and improvement of rural living conditions;
  • Development of the automotive sector, contributing to the development of sectors such as cable bundles and electric accumulators;
  • Major projects planned by ONE, including the construction of several power plants;
  • The gradual penetration of African markets;
  • The government's willingness to develop the renewable energy sector.

It should also be pointed out that companies in the sector are exploiting new opportunities in Africa, particularly in sub-Saharan countries (Senegal, Cameroon, Cote D'Ivoire, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Mali, Togo and Benin) Electrification is important. Thus, several companies have turned to the African market to export their know-how and the electrical products that have demonstrated quality.


Morocco is consolidating its position as a new global center of the electronics industry, especially the design and manufacture of electronic chips.

The electronics industry had been determined within the framework of the Emergence Plan, as one of the global businesses of Morocco, allowing to boost its industrialization and its exportable offer.

The Kingdom is beginning to attract more and more global players in the electronics industry.

To this end, Morocco had created an incentive framework made up of tax advantages, installation aid covering land and basic infrastructure, training of qualified human resources and bank financing offers.

By comparison of costs between Morocco and southern Europe: the Kingdom is distinguished by a labor cost of -50%, an IS of -100% (for 5 years), to arrive at total costs Of -30%.


Deprived of conventional energy resources and committed to sustainable development, Morocco is obliged to move towards the research and development of renewable, clean and environmentally friendly energies.

Renewable energies contribute 4% to the national energy balance and are at the origin of a loan of 10% of the electric energy, thanks to the major effort of mobilization of the hydraulic resource as well as the effort of The first wind farms

Indeed, Morocco has an important potential in renewable energies, particularly for solar and wind, particularly in the coastal zones which cover 3,500 km:

  • Solar: Average radiation of 5 kWh / m² / d;
  • Wind: A wind potential of more than 6000 MW;
  • Small Hydraulics: A significant potential for micro-hydraulic plants: more than 200 exploitable sites;
  • Biomass: 9 million hectares of forests.

The "clean energy" policy is on the way with ambitious objectives: 12% energy mix and 12% energy efficiency in 2020