Accompanying the members of FENELEC in their development and participating in meeting the socio-economic challenges of our country are the objectives set out by our Federal Board of Directors during the last two terms.

This is reflected in the various actions we have taken and which affect all areas, in particular training, standardization, regulation, improvement of the business climate and international development. These six years were marked by the implementation of the training agreement with the ONEE, the creation of training institutes for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency IFMEREE, the creation of a training center co-managed by FENELEC and The OFPPT dedicated to the 3 sectors of the FENELEC ISTA3E.

In the field of standardization FENELEC and IMANOR have concretized Morocco's accession to the CIS and have created the COMELEC Moroccan Electrotechnical Committee chaired by FENELEC, the dynamics of FENELEC in this field has earned it the representation of all Professional associations in the Board of Directors of IMANOR. Concerning the promotion of international sectors, FENELEC is the 1st Federation to develop with Morocco export the concept of export caravan Sector "Action Lumière".

The FENELEC Trade Shows, elec Expo, EneR Event & Tronica Expo, have now become a regional hub promoting sector, transfer of know-how, North-South link and anchoring South-South partnership initiated by His Majesty the King that God the Glorifies. The High Patronage Royal, which is constantly enjoyed by our Salons, is a pledge of confidence that propels them to the rank of major international fairs.

On the other hand, we signed a framework agreement with the Directorate General of Customs and Indirect Taxes ADII: it was operationalized through awareness-raising workshops, meetings, the resolution of certain files, and finally assistance To our members for specific problems.

Convinced that the industrial development of our country is the true lever of strong economic growth and the best answer to the problem of unemployment, today FENELEC takes another impetus and sees in the long term, Complete roadmap for the development of its sectors over the next five years, through a FENELEC-Government program contract under the PAI Industrial Acceleration Plan.

If we were able to achieve our comforting results, it is thanks to the commitment and solidarity of our members whose number is continually increasing to surpass the 600.

Mr. Azelarab EL HARTI
President of FENELEC