Electrical branch

The electric power sector is an important part of the Moroccan economy. It plays an inescapable role in economic growth and ricochet in the development process of the
Of course, this sector presents real prospects for development, favored in particular by:

  • Sustained growth in demand for electrical energy up to 7%;
  • Major projects planned by the ONEE, including the construction of several power plants, the

rehabilitation and strengthening of electricity networks;

  • Industrial Acceleration Plan;
  • Social housing programs and the improvement of living conditions in rural areas;
  • Development of the automotive sector, contributing to the development of sectors such as cable

bundles and electric accumulators;

  • The gradual penetration of markets in African countries, which suffers from a sharp deficit in


  • The government's desire to develop the renewable energy sector.

Electronic Branch

Morocco consolidates its position as a new global center for the electronics industry,
especially in the design and manufacture of chips, cards and electronic systems.
The electronic industry as defined in the framework of the Emergence Plan is
reconfirmed by the PAI Industrial Acceleration Plan as one of the Moroccan global
businesses capable of boosting its industrialization and exportable supply.
The Moroccan electronics industry comprises two different industries: Consumer
electronics: upstream components, brown products, white goods

  • Integrated specialty electronics: industrial, embedded, medical electronics.
  • The Kingdom is attracting more and more international players in the electronics industry.

For this, Morocco had created an incentive framework made up of tax advantages,
installation aid covering land and basic infrastructure, training of qualified human
resources and bank financing offers, as well as project incubators through
clusters. renewable energy branch:
Deprived of conventional energy resources and committed to sustainable development,
Morocco is obliged to move towards the research and development of renewable, clean
and environmentally friendly energy.
Renewable energies account for 4% of the national energy balance and account for
almost 10% of electricity, thanks to a major effort to mobilize water resources, and The
effort to set up the first wind farms.
Morocco has significant renewable energy potential, particularly for solar and
wind power, as well as major structuring programs:

  • Solar: Average radiation of 5 kWh / m² / d,
  • 2000MW program to 2020;
  • Wind: A wind potential of more than 6000 MW;
  • 2000 MW program to 2020;
  • Small Hydraulics: A significant potential for micro-hydraulic plants: more than 200 exploitable


  • Biomass: 9 million hectares of forests.

The new energy strategy is underway with ambitious targets to increase the share of
renewable energies to 42% of the energy mix and to achieve energy savings of around
12% thanks to energy efficiency in 2020.

Industry highlights :

  • Number of jobs: 79,000
  • Total production: 38 billion DH
  • Added value: 8.3 Billion DH
  • Investment: 2.1 Billion DH
  • Export turnover: 25 Billion DH